Jewellery Made In India To Dazzle The WORLD


Kesariya, a native term for the color reflected by the Sun on the horizon and also a color reflected in the national flag by a country rich in culture and traditions!

With her own style of reaching people, Manisha Shukla established Kesariya in the year 2012 to connect and sync with people via jewelry. Based in Rajasthan, the state known for its traditional feel and architectural edifices of historical significance, she established herself as a unique persona who delved into Blue Pottery, Cotton Fabric Jew, Terracotta and wooden handmade jewelry too !

Kesariya products are rooting for and are trying to revive the art at a time where artisans and artists who were once trending and now are looking for odd jobs to manage their life. The sole aim is to mesmerize the admirers with likes of blue pottery which is completely handmade, tribal silver jewelry giving an antique look and feel and also includes the prestigious Pattachitra handmade wooden and Terracotta jewels worked upon by the traditional artisans having a lineage originated in Bengal.

Adorn the Kesariya and attain the feel of the culture and tradition we always dreamed of cherishing!

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